Cidade dos Famosos

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With over 600k registered users, this super production was done in partnership with one of the largest media groups in LATAM.


Challenge: To add a woman’s magazine with over 30 years – Contigo! – Inside the facebook platform, captivating younger readers and conquering new consumers that could engage actively.

Solution: Integrate the know-how, back-end and 2mundos’ Analytics, to provide a great partnership between the second largest media conglomerate in LATAM together with 2mundos’ team.

Two teams dedicated from companies specialized in their respective areas: game designers, producers, programmers, artists, Project managers, product managers, BI analyst, marketing managers – an infinity of element added together to give life to a super production made in partnership with Contigo” and the Abril Group.

The challenge was to add the brand inside of Facebook, captivating young readers and conquering new consumers that could engage actively. The solution, a social game, with a celebrity theme, for who likes online entertainment and looks for fun and information. After many concepts, discussions, benchmarks, and market research, it was born the idea that would become “Cidade dos Famosos”.

“Cidade dos Famosos” was the first social game of the Group Abril that focused completely on the celebrity world. As a celebrity agent, your objective was to manage the professional life of actors, singers, talk show hosts, and many more. Your goal was to take them to stardom and make their name a fever among the media outlets.

Promotions inside the game gave away Carnival tickets for “Camarote Contigo!” in Salvador, Bahia.

"Cidade dos Famosos” reached a user base of active users of more than 150k players and more than 600k registered users since inception.