Our expertise

Our team is passionate, creative, and committed: we are experts in transforming ideas into apps, games and digital platforms.


Among our experienced mobile engineers, we have a group that has been specializing in Unity 3D for the last few years. Our development team has done many apps using this technology. From a project that requires fast development in a short period of time to a very complex application built by a large team, we are proud to exceed our client's expectations.


2Mundos' team are specialized in Back-End Programming and API development. Many of our engineers are big contributors to the open source community, and we are very proud of what we have accomplished in the last few years. 2Mundos has a dedicated cell for Back-End and API development. This group of talented engineers supports many different projects with server side code that communicate with web and mobile clients.

Android & iOS Apps

From games to apps, in many different industries like educational, financial, pharmaceutical, and entertainment to name a few, 2Mundos has developed products designed to the mass market by our international clients. Our business partners bring ideas to us that range from early stages of conception to extremely detailed and well-planned projects. Our multidisciplinary team can get involved in any phase of production in order to deliver the most innovative and reliable mobile apps.

Web Development

We are always paying attention to modern tools and new technologies for web development. Many of the projects developed by 2Mundos are multi-platform and most of our clients require the support of web browsers as one of its main platforms of choice. Our team has delivered web applications for a range of different industries, using cutting edge modern frameworks such Angular JS, Backbone JS and Meteor

UI/UX Design

2Mundos is not a company made just of engineers. Our design team works in every step of a project since its conception to its release version. We are proud of the design embedded in the projects signed by 2Mundos. The design team is always mindful of the target audience and its current trends, providing the best fit for games and apps that we produce. The aim is to provide a rich experience with an intuitive and great user interface.

Illustration & Animation

All of our artists came from the gaming industry. Our core team has experts on 3D/2D illustrations, design, user interface, and animations. They create all the art and UX/UI of our games, apps, and digital platforms.


Since the very first day of operations, we have a quality assurance cell because we believe testing is an important phase of any project. Market standard tests and procedures are made in every project so our clients can be certain that the final user will have an exceptional experience.

Project Management

Managing multiple clients and projects demands organization to meet deadlines and high-quality standards. At 2Mundos, we maintain a flat structure in order to remain agile for our clients. Our project managers and leaders look into every detail from end-to-end.