Extreme Makeover Social

From TV to the social networks

Created to be a companion game for the TV series Extreme Makeover by Endemol, it was the first social game developed by 2Mundos. The greatest thing about this project was its help provided to the low income social classes in Brazil.


Challenge: To create an online product, that communicated with the live TV show, and bring its users closer to the brand. Allowing tests and measurements from marketing and brand actions. Our goals were:

  • - Bringing viewers to the brand Extreme Makeover Social, transforming them into social agents;
  • - To increase the offer of its marketing channel to sponsors of the TV Show;
  • - To measure effectively the interaction of viewers and sponsors, verifying the user Geo location, creating a complete profile of its users.
  • - Provide the necessary knowledge of the many dynamics that are required from the acquisition of TV users into a digital interactive product, comparing with other actions of marketing.

Solution: develop a social game for Orkut and Facebook, integrated together with the Analytic tool developed by 2Mundos.

By adding the player in the place of agents from the TV show and converting part of the in-app purchases to donations for institutions supported by Extreme Makeover Social, we approximated the viewers with the brand.

The environment of the game, encourages the presence of their sponsors, increasing the marketing channel available by the brand.

The integration with 2Mundos’ Analytics tool, provided the necessary measurement of metrics that generated valuable data to our partner.

The first product done by 2Mundos, made in partnership with Endemol and TV Record, was the game Extreme Makeover Social. In less than 3 months, the multi-talent team of 2Mundos provided the solution of the challenge proposed by our partner: to create an online product, that communicated with its viewers, and bring its users closer to the brand. Allowing tests and measurements from marketing and brand actions.

The game Extreme Makeover Social captivated the main social initiative from the main TV show. Available on Orkut and Facebook, the game is 100% free. All items that were available for sale, generated income that was donated to the institutions that are supported by the TV show. As a result, besides getting guarantee entertainment, Extreme Makeover Social contributed to help the lives of those people in need, that were affected by the charity work of the TV Show.

About the TV Show

The show owned by Endemol, where its original format has the main offer to reformulate houses of low income families, was changed in Brazil, with a more social appeal that renovated day cares and schools around the country. The show acquired such success, that the format was present in the Cannes Festival.